Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Marjorie Barretto is the woman in sexy photos, says lawyer

Marjorie Barretto is indeed the woman in the sexy photos that has gone viral over the weekend.

The outgoing Caloocan City councilor and former actress has denied that she was the one in the photo, but her lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan confirmed to ABS-CBN News on Tuesday that it was indeed her.

“She’s a mother, she’s very upset,” Kapunan said. “She’s not running for any public office precisely because she wants to guard her privacy. She has growing up daughters and ang concern niya is they are in the formative years where they understand. That’s why we are also respecting the media na sana huwag na interviewhin si Marj.”

Meanwhile, many found it contradicting when Marjorie said she’s not the woman in the sexy photos but she’s going to file charges against those that posted and reposted the controversial pics on the internet. If that’s not really her, why bother to press charges?

But here goes the lawyer delivering the truth, saying they will indeed take legal actions if the bloggers won’t put the photos down.

“We have the addresses of all the bloggers, and we have sent you demand letters and this is a fair warning to you guys that the penalty is P100,000 to P500,000 plus imprisonment of three years to seven years or both,” she said, talking about the consequences of being charged with RA 9995 or Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act.

The photos came out in the middle of the Barretto family feud that involved Marjorie’s mother, Inday Barretto, disowning Gretchen and favoring Claudine. The issue started when Julia, Marjorie’s daughter who was recently introduced as talent of Star Magic, received some criticisms on Instagram. Gretchen believed the basher was Claudine so she started saying things against her youngest sister, accusing her of not being happy with Julia’s making a name for herself in showbiz. She didn’t give out names, but any showbiz fan would instantly know it was Claudine she was referring to.

Inday soon after released a statement taking the side of Claudine and disowning Gretchen. It was followed by a statement of Joaquin taking the side of his sister Gretchen, and another statement by the Boston-based Gia taking the side of sister Claudine and their mother.

Last Sunday, Gretchen was in The Buzz and she cried while saying that she’s not fighting back. She has earlier said, however, that she is going to file libel charges against Gia in the U.S.

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