Friday, January 18, 2013

Sunshine Cruz lambasts Cesar Montano’s alleged other woman Krista Miller

Sunshine Cruz took to social media to express her anger over her husband Cesar Montano’s alleged other woman Krista Miller.

Krista Miller

According to Sunshine, she discovered that some of her gifts to her husband are now in the possession of Krista, Cesar’s co-star in the upcoming movie The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim.

In a post, Sunshine revealed that it was her children who told her about Krista.

“It is actually them who told me about this. They are hurt. I'm moving on, with my children. God bless you both for doing this to us.”

Then on the microblogging site Twitter, the 35-year-old actress told Krista on Tuesday that she knows her.

“@iamKRISTAMILLER I know you. Yes I do!;) ask my kids coz they know you too! Lol!:p”

Then yesterday, she told the starlet to return the iPhone 5. In the same tweet, she told cousin and singer Geneva Cruz that Krista has her phone and shirt.

“@iamKRISTAMILLER just have the decency to return the iphone 5 my dear. Im sure you can do better that that. @heavensmother she has my iphone5 and shirt! Lol!”

Krista has already deleted the Instagram posts that showed an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt, a box of chocolates and the iPhone 5, which according to Sunshine were hers.

“I bought that shirt, and it is a guy's shirt for heaven's sake! The chocolate is from my [sister]-in-law and that is my iPhone 5. [Hindi] mo na dapat pinagmalaki sa social networking.”

Meanwhile, Krista’s last tweet as of this posting was a very meaningful message that talks about misinterpretation and wrong accusations.

“Misinterpretation leads to wrong accusations. God bless!”

Do you think Sunshine misinterpreted Krista’s posts? But then she also said that she knew about Krista’s texting with her husband and sending him photos as well. And to quote an Instagram post of Sunshine: “a girl who sends provocative/sexy pictures and msgs to a married man. is that normal? :/”

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