Sunday, July 28, 2013

Super Sireyna Scandal

The newly-crowned Super Sireyna Queen of Queens, Francine Garcia aka Kim Chiu of Quezon City, was welcomed with controversy just a few hours after she was crowned.

Julia Clarete, 'Kim Chiu', Allan K
photo: Eat Bulaga!

Her pristine image that a lot, if not everyone, loved on the Eat Bulaga! stage was tarnished when scandalous photos of her were uploaded on Facebook by someone named Franxa Garcia.

The account of Franxa was created the same day, however, that we’re sure it was made just for the purpose of exposing the winner’s pornographic photos.

The pictures were taken from Piladyboy, a dating website for Filipino transexuals, showing the new Super Sireyna without a single piece of clothing on and her privates exposed like a porn star.

Aside from that, a “Dethrone Super Sireyna 2013” Facebook page was created, petitioning Francine Garcia aka Kim Chiu to be dethroned “for scandalous and immoral pictures” and for not being a good role model. Also, the Philippine Constitution article she used during the Q&A portion of the transgender pageant (which drew much cheers and perhaps made the judges decide on the winner) also drew flak as it was allegedly the wrong article and section of the certain law she cited.

As of this posting, the Facebook account where the scandalous photos of Francine were uploaded has already been deactivated.

The same photos used by the “Dethrone Super Sireyna 2013” page has also been replaced with a more decent one.

This topic has been a trending one in a Missosology forum since last night. Join the conversations here.

Do you think ‘Kim Chiu’ should be dethroned because of her scandalous/pornographic photos?

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