Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joaquin Barretto defends Gretchen; releases statement belying Mom Inday’s accusations

If their mother Inday Barretto took the side of Claudine through a statement released Wednesday morning, her son Joaquin took the other side (Gretchen’s) through yet another statement released in the afternoon of the same day.

The issue between Gretchen and Claudine stemmed from the bashing received by new television personality Julia Barretto on Instagram. A recently-launched Star Magic member, Julia is the daughter of Marjorie (another of Inday’s daughters) and the niece of Gretchen and Claudine.

Gretchen defended Julia from her haters by posting on Instagram a controversial message that although no name was mentioned, many believed it was directed towards Claudine. Gretchen allegedly believes it was Claudine who was responsible for the bashing.

Their mother came to the rescue of Claudine through the statement published in entertainment writer Ricky Lo’s column. In the said statement, the mom called Claudine a Teleserye Queen and Gretchen an ST Queen. She also revealed that Gretchen calls Claudine’s kids names like “negra” and “abnoy.”

But despite taking Claudine’s side, it was revealed in the statement that Raymart Santiago, Claudine’s husband, doesn’t live with his family anymore. Inday said she prays it’s just temporary, but that only God knows what will really happen.

Read the full statement of Inday Barretto here:

But Joaquin came to the rescue of Gretchen. He answered his mother’s accusations towards Gretchen point by point. He even revealed that Gretchen had to work for their family at the age of 12 and she chose to stop studying so she could work and send her siblings to school instead.

Joaquin also denied that Gretchen ever called Claudine’s kids names. It’s because it had been a long time since the Kapamilya actress has taken the call of Claudine.

Lastly, though, Joaquin begged his mom to stop already while they still have something left in their family to save.

Read Joaquin’s statement here:

The letter of our mother which was published earlier today was shocking and hurtful. But what bothers me most is that while she attacks my sister, Gretchen, and pictures her as evil personified, she seems to have forgotten the truth.

Mom, as you have gone out of her way to answer the issues that Claudine ought to answer for herself, maybe it is high time to reflect on things and address these concerns as well.

You have lifted Claudine on a pedestal as the teleserye queen and labelled Gretchen nothing but an ST queen. But who took over the role of her parents, worked at the age of 12 and gave up her education to put her siblings to school? Who put food on the table, paid for the rent, electricity and hospital bills when dad suffered from his heart condition at least two times? Did you ever once stop her from doing all that because you loved her and wanted to protect her just like what you are now doing for Claudine?

We all know the truth about Claudine's condition. Gretchen never threatened about having her 'padampot.' Whatever for? May I remind you that it was you and dad who had her put in a hospital because you wanted to save her from destroying herself. Yes, Claudine is going through rough times. Again. And if you truly love her, then you should take concrete steps to save her rather than hitting Gretchen simply because she is standing up to Claudine.

You claimed that Gretchen has been calling Claudine's children names to her face. But how is that ever possible when Gretchen had long stopped taking Claudine's calls? Hasn't Claudine changed her mobile number many times while still owning many prepaid sim cards as well?

On the contrary," Joaquin said, "it was Claudine who repeatedly said she was going to make an expose. On what? We were clueless until bashing began on Instagram, which was why Gretchen came to the rescue of Julia. If there is anyone who cared more for her niece, we all know it is Gretchen, as she has proven when she chose to protect me and my siblings for a long, long time. This explains exactly why, as you said, we never complained about our childhood.

Please mom, let us put a stop to this before our family totally falls apart while there is still something to save.

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