Monday, July 29, 2013

Gerald Anderson scandal - peeing photo surfaces online


A photo of Gerald Anderson that shows him with his privates out has surfaced online.

Gerald Anderson

The photo was taken outdoors and he is shown in what seems to be a peeing position at the side of the trail.

He seemed not to be aware that a photo was being taken as his face was turned away looking at the trail behind him. It was either he was looking out if someone was coming, or someone pointed out something behind him so he wouldn’t see that he was being photographed with his private part on display.

Despite the fact that his face is not seen in the photo, the physique is undeniably Gerald. Also, the bracelet he was wearing was the same one that he wore in another photo of him with his face shown.

The scandalous photo has already become viral on the internet as of this posting. I can’t post it on here, though.

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