Sunday, October 30, 2016

'PBB Lucky Season 7' - Meet the 1st batch of regular housemates

The first 7 regular housemates entered the PBB house last night as "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" kicked off its regular edition.

The identities of the regular housemates have been revealed over "It's Showtime" and "TV Patrol" in the past days so we already knew who would be entering the famous yellow house beforehand.

It had been said that these 7 housemates were only the first batch so we can expect more regular edition housemates to enter the house in the coming days.

The first batch of regular housemates include the Incredible Hunk of Nueva Ecija, Tanner Mata; Bibang Bentang-guena of Batangas, Baninay Bautista; Rampa Raketera of Bulacan, Ali Forbes; Longing Son of Taguig, Luis Hontiveros; Lucky Bet na Miss of Tacloban, Thuy Nguyen; Dazzling Daughter of Bulacan, Cora Waddell; and Overseas Filipino Warrior of Tondo, Jerome Alecre.

Who will be loved by the viewers among these 7?

Will it be Tanner, the international model who didn't meet his biological father until he was 13? He grew up in the U.S. with his mom, stepdad and identical twin (yes, they look so much alike). Modeling brought him to different parts of the world and it's in the Philippines that he found a new family and friends.

Baninay will no doubt be the comedian in this batch. Her "TV Patrol" interview aired last Thursday revealed that she's an accounting student and a JaDine fan. Can we expect to see the love team inside the house to visit Baninay?

Ali Forbes has been tested by life at an early age. Together with her mother, she became a vendor in front of a church in Bulacan just to make ends meet for her family. Her singing voice, however, gave her bigger opportunities and singing in a band also paved the way for her journey as a beauty queen.

Luis Hontiveros, meanwhile, is the better known housemate among the batch. His photos became viral during the campaign period of the recent election when he supported his now senator aunt. An alleged video scandal of himself also surfaced on the internet making him controversial.

Thuy, on the other hand, has already been seen this PBB season during the celebrity edition in Vietnam. The housemates helped her in the task that ensured her slot in the regular edition. She and her parents were war refugees from Vietnam. She joined PBB to give back the love that the Filipino gave them when they needed it most. She's now a nurse in the U.S. where she is also currently based. Another fact: she speaks fluent Tagalog. Way better than some of the half-Pinoys that have joined the show.

Meanwhile, just like Tanner, Cora is a Filipino-American. She and her family moved to the Philippines to start anew after her mom got into an accident in the US that depleted their family's savings. She's also quite famous on YouTube.

Jerome was the last in this batch to enter the house. He grew up in Tondo but decided to leave everything behind to work abroad in hopes of making his family's life better.

Whose life story and personality will the PBB fans love the most among these housemates? Let's watch them beginning tonight, October 30, in "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" regular edition.

Meanwhile, teen housemates Kisses Delavin, Maymay Entrata, Christian Morones and Yong Muhajil need your support. Two of them are in the running towards being included in the teen Big 3 with Edward Barber. To vote, just type BBName of Housemate to 2366. Only 1 vote per SIM per day is allowed. Voting will close by the end of the week.

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