Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ryzza Mae Dizon gives tactless Look-up winner a taste of her sweet revenge (VIDEO)

Ryzza Mae Dizon was faced with a tactless winner of “Look Up,” a contest she does during the opening of her morning talk show, The Ryzza Mae Show.

The Ryzza Mae Show tactless winner named Gelsa

Gelsa, the winner, was very talkative that when Ryzza asked where she lives, she answered, “From Cavite po. Bakit? Pupunta ka?”

And when Ryzza asked if she’s still studying, she said, “Hindi po, nagwo-work na ako. Ba’t mukha ba akong nag-aaral? Mukha ba ‘kong estudyante?”

Ryzza, as bibo as she is, answered back in her usual polite manner, but viewers could tell the 8-year-old host had been intimidated. From the time Gelsa went on stage, actually, Ryzza showed signs of uneasiness with her very short shorts and kiri gestures, and honestly, we couldn’t blame the child.

To top it off, the Gelsa girl mouthed a word that’s a no-no to describe an 8-year-old, much more the host of the show that she’s in.

When Ryzza asked if she already has a boyfriend, Gelsa said, “Meron, bakit aagawin mo? Bata-bata mo pa ha! Landing bata ‘to… Landing bata ka ha!”

Ryzza acted alarmed. “Ate ‘wag ha. Dahan-dahan,” she said calmly, while looking at someone, perhaps a staff of the show or her mom. She perhaps knew that the behavior of the winner was unbecoming for a morning show, or she was offended by the word “landi.”

“Ikaw naman ang sungit mo sa ‘kin,” Ryzza added, but still not showing signs of anything other than being the host of the live show who is responsible for how things will go. Very professional, indeed.

The good part, and Ryzza’s revenge, came when Gelsa refused to get her prize, insisting on taking Ryzza home instead.

“Ayoko n’yan,” Gelsa said, referring to the P2,000 and a pillow. “Gusto ko ikaw!”

“Ay hindi po,” Ryzza answered. “Ayaw n’yo po ba ng premyo? Pwede ko pong ibigay sa iba.”

To the audience, Ryzza immediately said: “Sino’ng gusto ng premyo?”

She then proceeded to give the prize to an old woman seated in the audience even when Gelsa took back her words and said she already wants it. The live audience cheered, probably not because of the prize being given to an old woman, but because Ryzza did the right thing to the bastos winner.

Gelsa was obviously surprised, perhaps not realizing that her bad jokes would be on her.

The segment immediately became a hot topic on Twitter, with netizens bashing Gelsa for such bad mouth, especially when she called Ryzza malandi.

Here’s the video:

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