Saturday, October 22, 2016

'Pinoy Boyband Superstar' - The Middle Rounds

Forty auditionees successfully made it past the initial stage of "Pinoy Boyband Superstar" and they were called back for the middle rounds.

Pinoy Boyband Superstar

The first part of the middle rounds was the judges deliberation where Vice Ganda, Yeng Constantino, Sandara Park and Aga Muhlach had to choose their top twenty contestants where the first four 5-member groups would come from.

Three English-speaking contestants were included in their top twenty but Vice had qualms about them. For the comedian, a "Pinoy Boyband Superstar" member needs to understand Tagalog and knows how to speak the language.

Russel Reyes, James Ryan Cesena and Sef Hynard were called back in front of the judges because Vice wanted to know if they did their assignments - to learn how to speak Tagalog and sing OPM.

Russel, 17, from Chicago, did well with his rendition of "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana." His pronunciation could pass as someone who understands what he is singing, but when Vice asked him what the second stanza of the song means, he faltered.

James Ryan is also 17 and also from the U.S. He chose Bamboo's "Hallelujah" but he forgot the lyrics midway. He tried to sing patches of the lyrics until he was able to get to the part that he knows the lyrics of.

The third "English-er" was Sef, 24, from Pasig. He's half-British and his accent while singing Ezra Band's "Walang Iba" was still so "thick."

Among the three, all four judges agreed that Sef was the weakest.

It wasn't revealed yet, however, if any of them became part of or was removed from the top twenty contestants.

Meanwhile, the top twenty was divided into four groups of five. Those who could sing ballad were put together into one group, there's also an acoustic group, pop, and R&B.

A fifth group, the upbeat, would come from the bottom twenty.

The groups that were formed in the judges deliberation would be revealed in the Sunday episode, so better tune in tomorrow.

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