Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PBB Lucky Season 7 Teens - Edward Barber to compete with Yong Muhajil, Christian Morones in the big jump challenge

Edward Barber has joined his fellow male teen housemates Yong Muhajil and Christian Morones in the group that will compete for the "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7" big jump challenge.

PBB Lucky 7 - Yong, Christian and Edward

The "Cheerful Charmer ng Germany" was really happy when he won the third flag. A flag represents a slot in the "big jump."

Having previously sacrificed that flag to help the girls in the domino task, Edward felt he was able to achieve both things successfully - to help the girls succeed in the task, as well as to be able to compete in the "big jump" challenge.

The remaining girls (Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata) were also happy for him and felt that the third flag really belonged to the Filipino-German housemate.

Edward won the third flag for recording the shortest length of time versus Kisses and Maymay in the challenge that required them to get the hidden keys in a room full of blind zombies (hello Halloween!). They should avoid the zombies, though, because being touched meant additional three minutes. The keys would be used to unlock the flag that was being guarded by another zombie inside a different room. The flag, once unlocked, would then be brought to its slot in the garden area.

So Yong, Christian and Edward will be competing for the "big jump." Do you think Christian (who has avoided eviction from the start because of his ability to perform well in the Ligtask challenges) will still be lucky and find his way straight to the Big Night? Or will it be Yong who has shown nothing but his real self inside the house? And do you think Edward's good heart deserves to win?

The teen edition of "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7" is on its last two weeks and there are still three boys and two girls inside the house. Who do you think will be the edition's last evictee? Will it be a boy or another girl?

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Photo: pinoybigbrother.com

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