Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kathryn Bernardo stars in 'Wansapanataym Presents: Puppy Ko si Papi' - Teaser

ABS-CBN has released the teaser for "Wansapanataym Presents: Puppy Ko Si Papi" which stars Kathryn Bernardo, Khalil Ramos and Dominic Ochoa.

Kathryn Bernardo in Wansapanataym Presents: Puppy Ko Si Papi

The story is about a very strict father (Dominic) who turned into a puppy. Will his daughter (Kathryn) be able to turn him back into human form?

Khalil plays the role of Kathryn's suitor who is actually the cause of the father and daughter's misunderstanding. Will he be able to get the father's nod in the end? Or will he end up being "friend zoned" once again?

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