Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Spratlys: Mga Isla Ng Kalayaan' documentary airs this Sunday (Oct. 5)

Why is the Philippines claiming sovereignty over the Spratlys Islands? Why do several Asian countries, including China, claim the islands as their own? What is at stake in the Philippines’ claim? What is the government doing to assert this claim?

Spratlys: Mga Isla Ng Kalayaan

Find out this Sunday (October 5) as ABS-CBN News’ special documentary titled “Spratlys: Mga Isla ng Kalayaan” weighs in on which country really owns the disputed islands.

The documentary looks into the geopolitical issues surrounding the dispute and also checks the situation of the Filipinos, whose individual and family lives are affected and inevitably intertwined with the unending territorial row.

Don’t miss “Spratlys: Mga Isla ng Kalayaan” this Sunday (October 5) on ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best, after “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

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