Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mister International 2011 Winner is César Curti of Brazil

César Curti of Brazil was declared the winner of Mister International 2011 during the pageant held on December 17, 2011 at the Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand.


The other 4 finalists were Czech Republic's Martin Gardavský (1st runner-up); Indonesia's Steven Yoswara (2nd runner –up); Vietnam's Le Khoi Nguyen (3rd runner-up); and Sweden's Marco Djelević Virriat (4th runner-up).

Those who made it to the Top 10 were:
Mexico – Sergio Felipe Meléndez
Slovak Republic – Jakub Lorencovic
Korea – Ji Sung Oh
Slovenia – Zan Cvet
Venezuela – Jeefry Rojas

Philippine representative Fhrancis Lopez was able to make it to the Top 16:
Norway – Nikolai Danielsen
Philippines – Fhrancis Lopez
Sri Lanka – Anuj Ranasinghe
Nigeria – Kenneth Nwadike
Denmark – Mads Madsen
Colombia – Carlos Eduardo Paez

The award for National Costume went to Thailand. Sadly, the host country's candidate wasn't even included in the Top 16.

The complete list of Special awards:

Best Body - (Sweden) Marco Djelević Virriat
Mister Photogenic - (Sweden) Marco Djelević Virriat
Mister Congeniality - (Portugal) Fábio Duarte
Best in National Costume - (Thailand) Direk Sindamrongsi
Mister Internet Popularity - (Indonesia) Steven Yoswara
Dream Man Award - (Brazil) César Curti
Health Man Awards - (Costa Rica) Erick Martinez and (Czech Republic) Martin Gardavský
Most Handsome Man Award - (Denmark) Mads Madsen
Most Cute Man Award - (Korea) Ji Sung Oh
Most Popular Man Award - (Mexico) Sergio Felipe Meléndez

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