Friday, October 10, 2014

TMZ Live contacts Paolo Ballesteros

TMZ has just contacted Paolo Ballesteros through the comments section of one of his Instagram posts.

The "Eat Bulaga!" host is now all over international news for his #makeuptransformation photos on Instagram where he shows his cosmetic skills in copying in faces of famous celebrities.

Paolo Ballesteros as Nicki Minaj
Jessica Grose, a producer for TMZ Live, wrote in the comments that they are interested to talk to Paolo via Skype.

"I'm a producer for TMZ Live. Would love to talk to you about Skyping into the show," she posted on Paolo's "Nicki Minaj" transformation photo.

Big international websites have already featured Paolo regarding his makeup skills, but this is the first time a foreign show showed interest in interviewing him about it.

I guess it's about time he showed them that his photos are not edited, like what some comments in foreign websites say.

We Pinoys know that it's real because we see him on TV with his "transformations." I hope he gets to come out on international TV as Anne Hathaway or Marilyn Monroe as well to show them that he is indeed a makeup genius.

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Photo: Instagram (pochoy_29)
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