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Julia Barretto is scared of dad Dennis Padilla

Julia Barretto was criticized after the news about her alleged snubbing of her father, Dennis Padilla, came out.

Dennis said in an interview that his daughter didn't even greet him during the Christmas party of Dreamscape last December 14, 2014.

The actor was at the party as part of the series "Ikaw Lamang," while the teen star was there as the lead actress of "Mirabella." Both television series were produced by Dreamscape.

Read: Julia Barretto snubs dad Dennis Padilla at Christmas party

Meanwhile, Marjorie Barretto, the former wife of Dennis and the mother of Julia, came to the defense of her daughter in an interview with, the same entertainment website where the interview of Dennis first came out.

According to Marjorie, Julia didn't snub her father.

“This is the story I know… I was not there. This is the story I got from Julia. She went to the Christmas party bilang part of Dreamscape. Hindi naman niya expected that Dennis is going to be there in that party. So, she went there daw, according to her, pagpasok pa lang… sa entrance pa lang, maraming-maraming tao sa labas. She came on her own. Ang ginawa raw niya, dire-diretso siya papasok. Kasi alam niya, nandun na yung mga kasamahan niya, nandun na yung mga friends niya from Dreamscape, so she went straight inside,” Marjorie said, as quoted by

Julia didn't know that Dennis would be there.

“So, yung pagpasok pa lang niya sa party area, nang nalaman niya, may mga nagsabi sa kanya na nandun sa labas si Dennis. So, yung point naman niya [Julia], hindi naman niya alam… Hindi ba, normally, yung father and daughter, may relationship na, ‘Uy, pupunta ka ba ng party mamayang gabi, ‘andun ako.’ So, puwede naman kayong mag-text-an. Puwede naman ‘yon, ‘di ba? As father and daughter… ‘Magkita tayo dun.’ Wala namang ganun,” she said.

Dennis saw Julia first.

“So, ang point lang ni Julia, which I think tama naman, kung si Dennis naman ang unang nakakita sa kanya, bakit hindi siya ang unang bumati kay Julia?”

Marjorie said that there was a reason why the incident happened, why even Dennis didn't go up to Julia even if he saw her first. And the former actress also revealed that Julia was scared of her dad.

“When people told [Julia] that Dennis was there, ang totoo nun, she was scared,” the mother said.

As to why Julia was scared of her own dad, Marjorie said that it was due to a series of hurtful text messages that the teen received from her dad, caused by a broken promise.

According to Marjorie, Julia and Dennis saw each other at the wake of Randy Santiago's mother last September 2014, where they talked about having a meeting with their lawyers. Julia's schedule, however, has been so tight that the meeting was postponed a number of times.

“Yung pagkikita nila Dennis at Julia, nakapag-usap sila…. In the exchange of pag-uusap nila, nangako si Dennis na he will withdraw the case against kay Julia. Nangako naman ang anak ko sa kanya na, in return, ‘Okay, Papa, mag-usap tayo… let’s set a meeting, let’s talk in better location, better time.’ Hindi yung parang public at may wake, ‘di ba? So, nagpangakuan yung mag-ama… Tuluy-tuloy naman ang trabaho ni Julia, totoo naman ‘yan. Madali namang i-check ‘yan sa Star Magic, ‘di ba? Meron naman silang calendar of works," Marjorie related.

The legal cases are with regards to Julia's petition to have her surname changed - from Baldivia (Dennis's real surname) to Barretto.

Wanting the meeting to push through, Julia eventually texted Dennis asking for the number of her father's lawyer so they could fix their schedules for the meeting. The text was then allegedly answered by Dennis with a number of hurtful messages towards Julia.

"She was really traumatized… so hindi na sumagot si Julia simula nun. Talagang yung text, ang dami! It was really very distressing for me to see it," Marjorie said.

Julia and Dennis had no more communication after that text incident, but Marjorie insisted that Julia really tried to fix things with her father.

"I have to give her credit for that. Yun, hindi alam ng mga tao ‘yan. Gusto niyang makipag-ayos. Kasi magde-debut na siya, e, ‘di ba? Magpa-Pasko, magde-debut… so, she was always saying, ‘Let’s set a meeting with Papa.’ Julia wanted to fix things with her father," she said.

Read the full article here.

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