Friday, January 15, 2016

Joross Gamboa video scandal leaks online

Joross Gamboa became a trending topic on social media Thursday night, January 14, 2016, because of a video scandal that leaked online.

The video shows someone that looks a lot like Joross having a video call.

It wasn't a normal video call, however, because he, after a while, took out his private part to show it to the person he was talking to. And it was a female, based on what the actor was saying to that person at the other end.

He then proceeded to play with himself while giving little instructions to the person he was video calling with.

The video scandal is 8 minutes and 15 seconds long. A number of netizens have already shared the video on social media and the uploads have been getting thousands of views by the hour.

Just like other private videos of celebrities, though, uploads of this one are also expected to be taken down by social media sites soon.

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Anonymous said...

Can you provide me a link to this video?

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