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Miss Earth 2015 Results - Philippines' Angelia Ong wins!

Angelia Ong of the Philippines was crowned Miss Earth 2015 on Saturday night, December 5 (December 6 in Manila) in Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria.

Miss Earth 2015 Angelia OngImage: capture from YouTube livestream (HEY-U Mediagroup)

She was crowned by Jamie Herrell (also of the Philippines), last year's winner.

It was Angelia's answer in the final interview that got her the crown. When asked for a new slogan for Miss Earth, she said she'd replace the current one to "We Will Because We Can" because all things are possible if we work together.

Final Results:

Miss Earth 2015 - Angelia Ong, Philippines
Miss Earth Air - Dayanna Grageda, Australia
Miss Earth Water - Brittany Payne, USA
Miss Earth Fire - Thiessa Sickert, Brazil

Question and Answer:

The Top 8 contestants were made to pre-pick the respective judge that will have their questions.

USA picked Dick Gomer who asked her what she'd talk to President Obama about if given a chance, and she said that she'd tell him that climate change is about every single person in the world.

Australia picked judge Lorraine Schuck who asked her about her environmental hero. She quickly answered that it's Steve Irwin, an environmental activist and lover of animals. His informative documentaries inspire a lot of people and she wants to do the same.

Brazil was asked by Catharina Svensson Brink what she will do back home for the environment, and she admitted that the problem in her country is education and that's the reason why people don't know the situation of the earth. She will tell the children that climate change is very dangerous and it's the reason for what's happenning in the earth right now.

Philippines made the crowd cheer with her answer when asked by judge Eva Krsak for a new Miss Earth slogan for the next 15 years. She said she will replace "Beauty With A Purpose" with "We Will Because We Can" because all things are possible if we work together.

Austria said that our generation is more friendly to the environment when asked by judge Yasmin Hinth to compare this generation to our parents' generation. But she also said we have to teach our kids to to serve the mother earth.

Chile mentioned recycling and taking care of the flora and fauna when asked by judge Nadja Ondruskova for a project that she will do in her country.

Colombia, who picked judge Norbert Blecha, said she will impose taking care of the environment, education and culture of indigenous people when asked what she would change if she'd become a female president.

Venezuela, last but not the least, picked judge Dick Gomer who also asked for the first thing she would change if she would be in charge of her country. She answered education, and she would implement the law regarding environment as well because we have to make the change to save our planet.

Top 8:

Brittany Payne, U.S.A.
Dayanna Grageda, Australia
Thiessa Sickert, Brazil
Angelia Ong, Philippines
Sophie Totzauer, Austria
Natividad Leiva, Chile
Estefania Muñoz, Colombia
Andrea Rosales, Venezuela

Special Award:

Best Group Presentation in the Environmental Symposium on Climate Change - Asia Group of Miss Earth 2015

Evening Gown:

Ukraine was stunning in her red gown while Australia walked the stage in a gold number. Czech Republic looked like a princess in her pink gown adorned with flowers.

Miss Earth 2015 - Evening GownImage: Facebook (Missosology)

It was Brazil and Colombia's respective gowns, though, that stood out.


The Top 16 candidates wore silver two-piece swimwear designed by Ricky Abad during the swimsuit round.

Miss Earth 2015 - SwimsuitImage: capture from YouTube livestream (HEY-U Mediagroup)


Dick Gomer
Yasmin Hinth
Norbert Blecha
Eva Krsak
Lorraine Schuck
Catharina Svensson Brink
Markus Hussler
Nadja Ondruskova
Diana Alando Oyugi

Top 16:

Dorina Lepp, Hungary
Brittany Payne, U.S.A.
Viktoria Orel, Ukraine
Dayanna Grageda, Australia
Karolina Malisova, Czech Republic
Thiessa Sickert, Brazil
Bayartsetseg Altangerel, Mongolia
Angelia Ong, Philippines
Katia Moochooram, Mauritius
Amy Meisak, Scotland
Sophie Totzauer, Austria
Natividad Leiva, Chile
Estefania Muñoz, Colombia
Andrea Rosales, Venezuela
Alyssa Wurtz, France
Skye Celine Baker, Guam

Special Award:

Miss U.S.A. Brittany Payne won the Best Eco Video award. The award was presented by Diana Olando Oyugi, President, United Nations Women's Guild-Austria.


International TV hosts Oli Pettigrew and Joey Mead King were introduced as hosts together with Miss Earth Air 2013, Austria's own, Katia Wagner.

Miss Earth 2015 - Joey Mead King and Oli PettigrewImage: capture from YouTube livestream (HEY-U Mediagroup)

Lively hosts. Introducing the Top 16 couldn't be more fun.


The Miss Earth 2015 coronation night was held on Saturday, December 5, 2015 (Sunday morning in Manila) in Marx Halle in Austria.

The beautiful contestants from around the world introduced themselves wearing uniform white long sleeved shirts and red shorts.

The background music was turned very low while the contestants speak that you could hear their voices clearly as well as the cheers from the audience.

Miss Earth 2015 - Angelia OngImage: capture from YouTube livestream (HEY-U Mediagroup)

Supporters of Miss Philippines wouldn't be left behind in the cheering department as Angelia Ong got one of the loudest cheers.

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