Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Veejay Floresca talks about being discriminated at Valkyrie, Pool Palace

Transgender Veejay Floresca was on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" to talk about her recent humiliating experiences at the high-end clubs Valkyrie and The Pool Palace.

Veejay Floresca on AAT

The two clubs have the same management and allegedly have the same "no crossdresser" policy.

Veejay said she was denied entry but was eventually able to get inside Valkyrie last June 12 after showing his California State ID that states she is "female."

It was more humiliating and discriminating at the Pool Palace last Saturday, however, during her friend's party that she got invited to.

After showing her ID, the bouncer allegedly said, "Hindi, lalaki pa rin 'yan." She was only able to get in when a woman employee of the club intervened and acknowledged her gender that's stated in her ID.

When asked by host Kris Aquino why Veejay had to go to Pool Palace after his bad experience at Valkyrie, the fashion designer said, "Because it was my friend's birthday and I just want to get in because I want to party and I want to be there."

"Or you want to make a message? My stand ba 'yan?" Kris asked.

"Wala, e. 'Yung parang I mean I want to party, I deserve to be there because I'm a person. Why would you refuse me to get inside?" she said.

Watch Veejay's interview below.

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