Monday, January 30, 2012

Derrick Monasterio and Alden Richards "Controversial" Video

Teen stars having fun!

Derrick Monasterio was caught on cam touching Alden Richards down there! Or so it seems.


The video started out with Alden and Lexi Fernandez sitting on the floor, camcording themselves while lipsynching to a song. Derrick passed by and looked at the camera for a while. Alden called him back and pointed at the camera.

Derrick played on cam then playfully reached between Alden's thighs but Alden caught his hand and moved it away. Derrick tried again but proceeded to playfully massaging Alden's abs.

But before that happened, the video already showed what's on the floor between Alden's thighs – cellphones!

The video looks naughty to some. But c'mon, I'm sure Derrick wouldn't be doing that in public (and much more in front of a camera) if he was really trying to touch Alden's "little Richard."

Watch the video below courtesy of YouTube's thesexyyssa.

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Observer said...

Derrick is trying to get the phone between alden's thighs guys, not the thing that you think. If you can seen alden just put the phone between his thighs then when derrick comes he is reaching the phone. If you could see after a moment alden got the phone and let derrick read it.

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