Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Gay World 2011 in Manila

Mr. Gay World 2011 is going to be held here in the Philippines. The pageant night is on Sunday, March 13, 2011, 8 PM at Club Mwah!

Eric Butter, founder of the Mr. Gay World Organization (MGWO), envisions the organization to unite the gay community all over the world in a strong common cause. Joined by four other gay advocates (Dean Nelson, Noemi Alberto, Carlos Melia, and Brian Merriman), they work for the upliftment of the image of gay community all over the globe.

The first Mr. Gay World pageant was held in Whistler, Canada in 2009. It had Mr. Gay Ireland Max Krzyzanowski as the winner. The second pageant, Mr. Gay World 2010, was held in Oslo, Norway and had Charl Van Den Berg of South Africa as the winner.

For this year, Philippines is being represented by 24-year-old Marc Ernest Biala. Our past representatives include Wilbert Tolentino (who won Mr. Gay Popularity and Mr. Gay National Costume awards) in 2009 and David Noel Bosley in 2010.
Below is the teaser video for Mr. Gay World 2011 in Manila.

The delegates of Mr. Gay World 2011 after the jump.

Gonzalo Bagaloni, 21, Argentina

Eduardo Kamke, 29, Brazil

Stanislav Tanchew, 36, Bulgaria

Rob Goddard, 21, Canada

Leigh Charles, 26, Australia

Alex Klocker, 27, Chile

Rupert Arrindell, 27, Curacao

Martin Goga, 26, Czech Republic

Madis Raastas, 30, Estonia

Kenneth Liukkonen, 28, Finland

Hei Hei Yau, 26, Hong Kong, China

Vilhjalmur Daviosson, 23, Iceland

Barry Gouldsbury, 28, Ireland

Jonathan Chong, 29, Macau

Juan Manuel Lopez L, 32, Mexico

Chris Flanagan, 27, Northern Ireland

Aaron Comis, 32, New Zealand

Mischa Germeraad, 34, Netherlands

Trond Venseth, 24, Norway

Lorenzo Rojas, 41, Peru

Marc Ernest Biala, 24, Philippines

Francois Nel, 28, South Africa

Israel Acevedo, 31, Spain

Kampa Somsrikaew, 27, Thailand

Michael Kevin Holtz, 26, USA