Monday, June 22, 2015

Nash Aguas discovers new way for OFW moms and dads to 'Be With' their families everyday

For Nash Aguas, daily online chats and calls to loved ones should be possible for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), anytime and anywhere.

Nash Aguas

Fortunately, he discovered KakaoTalk, a communication application or comm app, and its partnership with ABS-CBNmobile.

“OFWs can now use this to ‘be with’ their children every day,” said Nash.

According to the teen star, this is now possible because of the free use of KakaoTalk for all ABS-CBNmobile subscribers even without WiFi or data load.

“Even if they are physically far from each other, OFW families don’t have to be distant emotionally. There are new a modern ways to become closer with each other such as the group chat feature of KakaoTalk,” said Nash.

“It is very simple to use. Just download the KakaoTalk app on your smartphone. Then just open the app and tap the chat bubble at the upper right hand corner of the Chats tab. Then just choose the people you want to chat with from your friends list and that’s it. If you are an ABS-CBNmobile subscriber, this is free to use even if you don’t have access to WiFi and you have no data load,” Nash added.

“The important thing here is that we can make them part of our everyday lives, even with just a simple greeting of ‘good morning’ or asking how mommy and daddy are doing as if they are just there with you. You can also send pictures showing what you are doing. So even if Mommy is in Singapore and Daddy is in the province and you are in Manila, the everyday conversation goes on,” Nash elaborated further.

The simple gesture of calling or sending a message surely means a lot to parents who are away from their loved ones. Each call, message, or emoticon can remind them of their purpose, their reason for working away from the family.

ABS-CBNmobile is glad to help in helping keep families closer together with the free KakaoTalk “in the service of the Filipino.”

For more information about ABS-CBNmobile and how you can enjoy unlimited and free chat and call, please go to

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