Monday, March 16, 2015

Nina Ricci Alagao disappointed over Toni Gonzaga's Bb. Pilipinas 2015 hosting style; apologizes over Facebook post

Toni Gonzaga's hosting of the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 coronation night on Sunday, March 15, 2015, has gained criticism on social media due to her jokes which some say were inappropriate for a formal event like the said pageant.

Aside from Albay Governor Joey Salceda who posted his criticisms on social media, former Bb. Pilipinas Universe Nina Ricci Alagao also expressed her disappointment towards Toni's hosting style through her Facebook account.

Nina Ricci Alagao on Toni Gonzaga's hosting style

In a Facebook post which has already been deleted, Nina pointed out the host's "over-confidence almost to the point of arrogance." She also said that the way the host "prodded some of the judges to proceed with the Q&A was as if she was at par with these well-respected people in terms of age and experience."

Nina even went as far as describing how Toni looked 15 years ago "when she was brown-skinned, her nose untrimmed," adding that it "would remind her how it once felt to be humiliated, and be a little more forgiving with people who aren't perfect."

The beauty queen-turned-actress ended the deleted post by saying that that kind of hosting should stay in (PBB) "Pinoy Big Brother" and not BBP (Bb. Pilipinas).

Toni has been the main host of ABS-CBN's PBB since the first season of the reality show.

On Monday afternoon, however, Nina apologized for the post via the same Facebook account, although she remained firm with her opinion.

Nina Ricci Alagao apologizes for Facebook post against Toni Gonzaga's hosting style

In the recent post, Nina said she apologizes "if it will appease her fans." She added, however, that just because she said what she said in her previous post does it it mean that she's not a fan.

"I admire her confidence and determination. I have seen all her movies, been moved to tears and burst with laughter with her acts, and will continue to do so in the future.That does not also mean that I did not defend her in the past when people spoke ill of her. And best of all I admire her for having stayed chaste in a world where it is easy to be weak and stop adhering to such virtues. When one points out a person's mistake, that does not say anything about whether he or she hates the person.When a mother scolds or reprimands her children it does not mean she loves them any less," Nina wrote.

On bringing back Toni's appearance 15 years ago, Nina explained: "I find nothing wrong in looking back and seeing how much better life has become," she wrote. "If I may have mentioned anything that I don't suppose is a secret, know that it was not meant to humiliate. It was simply to state that we should allow people room to get better."

Nina pointed out that her previous post was not to criticize Toni.

"So again I apologize once and for all, and wish we'd all be open-minded about this. I did NOT criticize her, nor her performance last night in general. It was specifically the Q&A I tackled , and my intention was not how many of you might have interpreted it," she posted.

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Photos: (1); (2) screengrab from Facebook (Nina Alagao)

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