Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Jon Lucas defends fellow Hashtag Tom Doromal

Jon Lucas took to social media Sunday night to support Tom Doromal. The two are part of It's Showtime's boy group, the Hashtags.

Jon Lucas defends Tom Doromal

According to Jon, he wants Tom to feel his support at this time when a lot of people are judging him.

Tom recently aired his version of the story regarding the boat accident that resulted to the death of Franco Hernandez, also a member of Hashtags.

Franco drowned last November 11 while vacationing in Davao Occidental, at the resort owned by Tom's family.

Tom's version, however, was countered by the version of Franco's girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca, who was with Franco when he drowned.

According to Janica, Franco was not rushed to the hospital. He was brought to Tom's house, instead, where there was a nurse. It was in contrast to what Tom said in his interview.

lt was only Janica who insisted on rushing Franco to the hospital.

Janica also belied the claim of the boatmen who were interviewed who said that she and Franco refused to wear life vests. There was, according to her, no life vest present at all.

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