Monday, September 15, 2014

Billy Crawford breaks silence over Taguig precinct incident

Billy Crawford went back to "It's Showtime" on Monday, September 15, after a weeklong absence due to his controversial arrest early morning last Sunday, Sept. 7, at a precinct in Taguig.

A day before his comeback, however, his interview with Boy Abunda was aired on "The Buzz" where he broke his silence regarding the controversial incident for the first time.

He first cleared the name of Coleen Garcia, his girlfriend and "It's Showtime" co-host, saying they didn't fight prior to the incident.

"Unang-una po sa lahat, sa mga ispekulasyon po ng mga tao na kami ni Coleen ay nag-away or something like that, actually she had nothing to do with this," he said in the interview, as quoted by

"To be honest with you, when you go to clubs, and you’re, say, a celebrity, ang daming nangsisira ng araw mo eh. There were a few guys, nobody knew who they were, I didn’t know who they were, and they ended up in the same section where we were, but they kept on pointing fingers and laughing, you know, nang-iinis, sa amin doon sa lamesa, nang-aasar na. So ako, medyo, I’m at my guard now, I’m with Coleen, I don’t want anything to happen to her, including our friends, and for myself as well, parang, sige, alis na lang tayo, let’s just go," he added, narrating what happened inside the bar.

Although he admitted being under the influence of alcohol, he said he was not wasted.

"Umabot na sa konting pisikalan at konting dakdak. I wasn’t completely wasted but I admitted to having some alcohol. I admitted to the fact that I had a few too many drinks actually, I should say, but I wasn’t wasted," he said.

"I was just in a lot of stress, and I really, really didn’t want any of these to happen talaga eh. So push comes to shove, umalis na lang ako. I went down, actually pinauna ko pa si Coleen. Sabi ko, just go, I’ll follow na lang. So she left, and all of a sudden, I don’t know why I just felt so aggravated, annoyed," he added.

Billy revealed that he called his friends, but he knew no one who lives nearby.

"I went out, I just wanted to clear my head, try at least. And then I ended up bumping my car. 'Yun na, parang it just took its toll on me, what’s happening to me right now, I just needed to settle down. I don’t know anyone who lives nearby, wala eh. I was calling friends, come here meet me," he said.

The girl who went with him to the precinct was not Coleen but one of her friends.

"She actually went with me, tapos napaupo lang ako sa curb. Nanginginig na ako sa hindi ko alam kung anong naiisip ko na," he said.

He decided to go to the precinct to seek help.

"I don’t really want to drive and end up hurting myself, or hurting anyone else, eksakto I saw the precinct, so I walked over seeking for help, Tito Boy, because I just needed to calm down," he explained.

He also denied that he was under the influence of illegal drugs.

"When I was arrested na, and taken to Taguig, I sat down in front of a major and a few other officers, and they asked me, would you mind taking a drug test. Sure, wala naman po akong maitatago eh. I do not do drugs, and I never will. So I did my drug test. It was negative as usual," he said.

Another thing that he said was not true was the part of earlier reports that say he hit a female desk officer inside the precinct.

"Wala. Walang-wala akong tinamaan. I never hit anyone, and I never got physical with anybody," he said.

And as for what he learned with the experience:

"I never open up to anybody. I keep everything here eh. I was raised to make everyone comfortable and happy, no matter how close someone gets to you, I don’t want to involve you with my problems. That was my mistake," he said.

He admitted that it was his fault that's why he apologized.

"It’s my fault Tito Boy, that’s why I apologized to all, actually. Kasi wala naman akong nasaktan. I apologize bilang, a public figure, I should be more responsible," he said.

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