Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rey Pamaran refuses to accept Melissa Mendez's Instagram apology

Rey N. Pamaran refused to accept Melissa Mendez's apology that was posted on the actress' Instagram account on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

On Sunday, Rey wrote an open letter, saying he won't file legal charges against Melissa if the latter would publicly apologize and would tell the truth about what really happened at the Cebu Pacific flight which she was kicked out from.

On Melissa's Instagram post on Tuesday, she said that she "would just like to simply apologize for my untoward actions and move on" from the issue.

She also said that the controversy "has caused a lot of pain and trouble to me and my family, as well as the other party involved."

Melissa Mendez's public apology on Instagram

The controversy started when Melissa sat on the plane seat reserved for Rey in the Cebu Pacific flight to Pagadian. Two versions of the story came out - that of Rey and his friend Andrew Wolff's, and that of Melissa's.

According to Melissa, she nicely asked for a favor to sit on Rey's seat for a while because she wanted to take photos of clouds.

Rey and Andrew's version, meanwhile, say that Melissa only went to her assigned seat after 30 minutes of cursing. During the flight, she started cursing again which eventually led to the actress hurting Rey and some flight attendants. The plane had to go back to Manila to offload Melissa.

On Saturday, Melissa was seen on GMA-7's "Startalk" airing her side of the story. She said she slapped Rey because she was provoked, but denied having hurt any flight attendant.

She also said that she is the victim and that she is seeking help from a women's rights group.

While she has already posted an apology, Rey is still pushing through with legal actions.

On Facebook, Rey posted:

Reading the response of the supposedly "public apology" of Ms. Mendez, I immediately made up my mind to pursue my cases against her. I was hoping for a more heartfelt reply, where she would not only apologize but also own up to the lies that she said on TV to defend herself while destroying my reputation. However, in the spirit of the coming Holy Week, I am giving Ms. Mendez one more chance to clear EVERYTHING IN DETAIL, including all the lies that she said about the incident. My Lawyer, Atty. Fortun, will be filing the cases tomorrow so I guess thats about the time that she has left. It hink this is not too much to ask. Thank you. And please do it on TV, because that is where you destroyed my name. Making statements thru social media just adds insult to injury.

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