Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Uncut' version of Mich Liggayu's viral video uploaded on Jamich FB page

After a video that shows Mich Liggayu singing and laughing at the intensive care unit (ICU) where her late boyfriend and YouTube tandem, Jam Sebastian, was on life support became viral on Tuesday, a new video was uploaded on Wednesday showing its alleged "uncut" version.

According to the caption of the new video uploaded on the Facebook page of Jamich, the earlier video of Mich "singing at the hospital was edited to cut out its reverse angle" and that it was only uploaded for attention.

It also said that Jam's mom told Mich and her friends to be quiet is because a TV show is conducting an interview.

Mich and her friends were singing at the ICU to cheer Jam up and to give him more reasons to fight.

Here's the new video:

The viral video of Mich singing at the hospital was edited to cut out its reverse angle. They made that scandal for...

Posted by Jamich on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The caption says:

That video of Mich Singing at the Hospital was edited to cut out the reverse angle. The reason the woman in white (The Buzz) and the mother were asking the singing to be quieter is because they were conducting an interview.

Here is a video with the TRUTH and you will see for yourself, At the end of the video you will see Jam moving to the music and Jam's friends and family dancing and singing badly(In Fun) at the end.

End of story. This is 100% proof that the person, with this fake page, afraid to actually make these comments as themselves, has no idea what they are talking about and completely made up this scandal for attention. - As for why did they make videos of it? Everyone, not just Mich Liggayu, even Jam's family was taking video.

And, if you were fans of JaMich, then you know that Jam and Mich took video of everything in their life, and why would you expect that to change even at the end, if that is who they are? Now that you have video proof from the other angle, please take this down and stop destroying the amazing gift that Jam's last wish was to Jam, his family and us.

I love you guys, and I respect that you loved Jam this much to protect him even after death. But, this is not the right way. Jam would never have wanted this kind of attack on anyone.. RIP Jam..

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