Monday, February 7, 2011

Will the Sarah Geronimo-Gerald Anderson Movie Be Another Blockbuster?

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson have started filming their first movie together as love teams. Despite both having blockbuster movies under their belts, the two are still nervous as to how the public will accept their team-up.

Dubbed as the Action-Drama Prince, Gerald started his showbiz career with Kim Chiu as his onscreen partner. Their tandem instantly clicked with the fans which eventually came to be called the Kimeralds. The Kimeralds all over the country have supported their shows, whether it be on television or in the movies.

Sarah, on the other hand, had been partnered with John Lloyd Cruz in two movies that were both blockbusters – A Very Special Love and its sequel, You Changed My Life. Sarah has a strong fan base and John Lloyd, being a whole and multitalented actor has a strong following spanning all age groups. The two movies they did actually received some bashing from film critics due to its shallow story line so we can guess they became blockbusters because their individual fans wanted it to become blockbusters (not to mention how a lot of moviegoers still go for the formulaic kilig movie sans good plot).

The Pop Star Princess is said to be worried how the Kimeralds will accept her as Gerald’s current love team. And with it goes the question of will the Kimeralds support the movie they’re doing together.

Well, I guess Sarah’s fans will watch her movies no matter who she is paired with. With regards to the Kimeralds, Gerald says they are still supportive so we can guess at least half of them will watch the Sarah-Gerald starrer when it comes out.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Kim were reunited yesterday in Your Song Presents: Kim. I’m sure the Kimeralds watched it because it was one of the rare chance that we’d get to see the two together in a soap as Gerald is now paired with Jewel Mische in Bagwis.

Meanwhile, if you failed to watch Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu together in Your Song Presents: Kim yesterday, you can watch it here:

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