Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pinoy Boyband Superstar - Henz, Markus and Niel sing I Want It That Way #BoybandPHLive

The Pinoy Boyband Superstar live shows have begun. The Top 12 were divided into 4 groups with 3 members each and the second to perform was the group of Henz Vilaraiz, Markus Paterson and Niel Murillo.

Henz, Markus and Niel performed Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way, looking all cute in their white outfit. Their performance, however, seemed a bit weak especially that they came after the first group which set the bar high.

The judges all commented about their week performance.

Yeng Constantino felt a tension which came from Henz and told them to loosen up.

Vice Ganda said that it's really not enough that one has the talent. At this point of the competition a boyband member wannabe needed to show the judges that they are indeed boyband material.

Aga Muhlach felt the group was nervous, but commended Markus' improvement. "You guys are great pero kulang," the "original heartthrob" said.

Sandara Park, however, said that all three members have improved and they have a "kakaibang appeal."

Watch Henz, Niel and Markus' first live show performance below.

After all the groups have performed, the judges would pick the strongest group which would be named "Boyband of the Week." From the weakest group, however, each member would have to perform live and convince the judges that they are worthy of staying in the competition. One of them will be saved by the judges, one by the votes and the other would be eliminated. One boyband member hopeful will be eliminated each week until they are down to 7. During the grand finals, two will be eliminated and the final 5 members will be formed.

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