Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pinoy Boyband Superstar - Allen Cecilio is eliminated!

Allen Cecilio, Russell Reyes and James Ryan Cesena sang for survival during the 4th elimination night of Pinoy Boyband Superstar held Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Allen, Russell and James were named the weakest performers of their respective groups based on their Saturday night performances.

Russell was the first to sing. He chose Bakit Pa Ba. He chose a Tagalog song to prove that even if he's been living in Chicago, his heart still belongs to the Philippines.

PBS Russell Reyes

There's no doubt that he could really sing and do the rifts perfectly, and for judge Aga Muhlach, "It's game over." He said Russell proved that he really could sing. Judge Yeng Constantino was also happy that the mostly English-speaking contestant chose a Tagalog song. For her, the song choice was like telling everyone that he really is needed in the group that Pinoy Boyband Superstar is forming.

James Ryan sounded a little under the weather during his performance. He chose Just The Way You Are and was able to deliver despite his condition.

PBS James Ryan Cesena

According to judge Vice Ganda, it was an almost perfect performance except for the last few notes. Judge Sandara Park meanwhile said that the song was the perfect choice for James' voice.

Last to perform was Allen, and he also sounded not okay. He chose Rey Valera's Kumusta Ka, dancing and looking lively on the stage while singing.

PBS Allen Cecilio

Yeng said Allen had the look of a boyband member but her problem with him was singing. Vice agreed, saying the contestant was out of tune and moved awkwardly on stage.

The text and Google voting lines were opened after the three performances. After the text and Google votes, Russell was declared safe.

The contestant from Chicago got the highest combined percentage of text and Google votes of 44.31%.

So it's up to the judges who among James Ryan and Allen would stay in the competition.

The two had been in the bottom group twice. James was one of the weakest during the 2nd live show. Allen was also in the bottom group last week.

The judges' decision:

Vice saved James, Yeng saved Allen, Aga saved James (who didn't see that coming?), and Sandara saved James as well.

James got 3 votes and Allen got 1. Obviously, Allen Cecilio got eliminated.

Here's final tally of votes:

Russell Reyes - 44.31%
Allen Cecilio - 41.28%
James Ryan Cesena - 14.41%

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