Saturday, November 12, 2016

Henz Villaraiz is part of the weakest group again - Pinoy Boyband Superstar

The 2nd live show of Pinoy Boyband Superstar ended with the announcement of the Boyband of the Week (strongest group) and the weakest group. Sadly, Henz Villaraiz is again part of the weakest.

PBS - Group 2

The 2nd group that performed Ako'y Iyong-iyo was seen by the judges as the group that gave the poorest performance.

Check out their performance: Mark, James, Miko & Henz sing Ako'y Iyong-iyo

Along with Henz, also part of the group were James Ryan Cesena, Mark Oblea and Miko Juarez.

James Ryan's Tagalog pronunciation was one of his weakest points. Miko also had some off-note moments.

That said, Henz Villaraiz, Miko Juarez, Mark Oblea and James Ryan Cesena will perform individually for the judges and the viewers' votes tomorrow.

PBS - Group 1

Meanwhile, the Boyband of the Week was the 1st group. Composed of Joao Constancia, Tony Labrusca, Niel Murillo and Russell Reyes, the group sang Dahil Mahal Kita.

Watch their performance here: Joao, Niel, Russell & Tony sing Dahil Mahal Kita

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