Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dennis Padilla gives up on daughter Julia Barretto

Dennis Padilla has given up on daughter Julia Barretto.

According to a Twitter post by @banderainquirer on Friday, Dennis won't interfere anymore with Julia's petition to drop his surname.

"Dennis Padilla suko na sa anak na si Julia Barretto; hindi na kokontrahin planong pagpalit ng surname ni Julia," Bandera posted.

The surname change issue came out middle of last year. Julia has reportedly made legal actions to permanently change her surname from Baldivia (Dennis' real family name) to Barretto on the basis of being an illegitimate child.

The father, who was admittedly hurt, fought against the petition saying Julia is his legitimate child.

A snubbing incident between Julia and Dennis even happpened during the Dreamscape Christmas party last year, but the everything went well after they were able to talk when Julia reached out to invite her dad to her debut.

Reports, however, stated that Julia still hasn't withdrawn her petition for surname change.

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