Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mary Jane Veloso lives, spared from execution in Indonesia

Mary Jane Veloso, the Filipina sentenced to death in Indonesia, was spared from execution at the last minute.

Mary Jane was scheduled to be executed 1 AM of Wednesday (midnight, Indonesian time) for attempting to smuggle illegal drugs in Indonesia.

Hours before her scheduled execution, however, her recruiter surrendered to the Philippine authorities, making Mary Jane's chances of survival stronger.

Filipinos were angered by what happened to the OFW, appealing to the Indonesian government to spare her from execution. She was a victim of drug smuggling; she didn't know that the bag an acquaintance gave her had a hidden packet of heroine.

It all happened in 2010. Mary Jane needed employment, and when a neighbor named Christine offered her a job in Malaysia, she immediately went with her. They stayed at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and Christine treated her to shopping sprees that her clothes wouldn't fit inside her bag anymore.

She told Christine she needs a bigger bag, to which the latter said she will tell her boyfriend to buy a new one for the unsuspecting victim.

It was Christine's boyfriend's brother that gave Mary Jane the new bag. Christine then instructed her to go on a holiday trip to Indonesia, and after that she will go back to Malaysia and start working.

At the Indonesian airport, however, the illegal substance was discovered by the authorities.

According to Mary Jane, she knew her life was over the minute she was told that what the police found hidden in her bag was heroine.

#MaryJaneLives immediately became a trending topic when news came out that she was spared from execution.

The other eight foreigners (all men) in the execution line with her, however, didn't get as much luck.

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