Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hero TV prompts viewers to "Say I Love You" this love month

Hero TV celebrates Valentine’s season with a love-filled lineup for February leading off with a marathon of “Say I Love You,” the popular Japanese manga turned Anime series that captured the hearts of viewers here and abroad on February 14 (Saturday).

Hero TV

“Say I Love You” is a heart tickling tale of two high school students, Mei and Yamato, young people from different worlds. Mei, a shy and unassuming girl, is determined to make it through her formative years without making friends or getting a boyfriend because of the belief that people have the tendency to betray each other. But when she meets the popular Yamato and he becomes interested in her, Mei begins to rethink her beliefs and a blossoming relationship follows. Don’t miss Mei and Yamato’s love story on February 14 (Saturday) airing from 10AM-4:30PM.

Meanwhile, catch new titles premiering on Hero TV this February. Catch the TV comeback of the iconic Goku in “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods,” wherein an epic battle of godly proportions is a must-see on February 15 (Sunday) and February 28 (Saturday) at 12AM, 12NN, and 8PM.

Another new show, “One Week Friends,” follows the story of how teenager Kaori Fujimiya loses her memory of her friends, turning her into a loner. But when she meets Yuki Hase who promises to be her friend every week, exciting moments will begin to happen in Kaori’s life. “One Week Friends” will be premiering on February 5 (Thursday), 9PM.

Samurai battles continue on “Hakuoki Season 3,” when Ryunosuke Ibuki despises the samurai and everything they stand for. Will Ryunosuke change his mind once he sees the other half of the samurai’s lives? Find out by following Ryunosuke’s adventure on February 26 (Thursday), 9:30PM.

Aside from new titles, Iconic anime such as “Cres, Celestial Legend,” “Ran the Samurai Girl,” “Rahxephon,” and “Sailormoon S” will also have a major comeback every weekend on Hero TV.

Live action movies will also be featured on Hero TV this February including “Detective Conan,” “Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial,” and many more action-packed films that have made waves on TV. Plus, Hero TV also puts into consideration Anime viewers by airing the most requested anime series such as “Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa,” “Yugioh 5D’s,” “Working!! Season 2,” and a whole lot more.

Have your ultimate Anime fix with Hero TV this February!

Catch all these and more this February on Hero TV, the number one Anime channel celebrating its 10th anniversary. For updates, visit Hero TV’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/myheronation).

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