Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Iñigo Pascual on Sofia Andres: "Super close kami talaga"

Iñigo Pascual and Sofia Andres star in the upcoming indie film "Relaks It's Just Pag-ibig" which they shot when Iñigo was still 15 (he's now 17).

Iñigo Pascual and Sofia Andres

Their friendship, however, seemed to have gotten extra special with all the promos for the movie which is showing tomorrow, November 12, 2014.

On "The Buzz" on Sunday, the only son of Piolo Pascual said that he now shares a "super close" friendship with Sofia.

"Super close po kami talaga, I trust her with a lot. She's one of the friends that I can trust with anything. I talk to her a lot, almost everyday po kausap ko po s'ya," he told host Toni Gonzaga.

He said, however, that getting into a relationship is not something that he focuses on at the  moment.

"[Courting someone] is not something that like I'm thinking of right now. I'm not focusing on that kind of things right now, pero I can say that [Sofia] is a very special friend pero it's not something that we should focus on because we're still young. You know, relax it's just pag-ibig," he said, quoting the title of their movie.

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Photo: Instagram (iminigopascual)

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