Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pinoy Boyband Superstar - Tristan, Tony and Mark sing Because of You #BoybandPHLive

The Pinoy Boyband Superstar live shows have begun. The Top 12 were divided into 4 groups with 3 members each and the third to perform was the group of Tony Labrusca, Tristan Ramirez and Mark Oblea.

Tony, Tristan and Mark performed Because of You by 98 Degrees. Good vocals especially from Tristan who was saved from the Bottom 20 in the previous episodes.

While the three tried to dance, Tony and Mark looked awkward doing the choreography. The dance routine, however, was called "cute" by judge Sandara Park. The Korean superstar also commended the group for using mic stands combined with change blocking which, according to her, was hard to do.

Yeng Constantino praised the boys' good vibes, but commented that the harmony wasn't perfect.

Vice Ganda liked the group because they looked like "Pinoy boyband" because of their skin color.

Aga Muhlach said the three performed as a group although the blending of their voices was kinda off.

Watch Mark, Tony and Tristan's first live show performance below.

After all the groups have performed, the judges would pick the strongest group which would be named "Boyband of the Week." From the weakest group, however, each member would have to perform live and convince the judges that they are worthy of staying in the competition. One of them will be saved by the judges, one by the votes and the other would be eliminated. One boyband member hopeful will be eliminated each week until they are down to 7. During the grand finals, two will be eliminated and the final 5 members will be formed.

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