Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pinoy Boyband Superstar - Henz Villaraiz, among the weakest for the 3rd time!

The Top 10 boyband member wannabees were divided into 3 groups, and they themselves chose the songs they will perform.

Pinoy Boyband Superstar - Ford, Mark, Joao and Tristan

For the 1st group consisting of Allen Cecilio, Neil Murillo and James Ryan Cesena, it's One Direction's Best Song Ever that they felt would give them the chance to become Boyband of the Week.

Their choreography included a little "mannequin challenge" on the side which made it more appealing to the screaming fans.

The judges (Sandara Park, Vice Ganda, Aga Muhlach and Yeng Constantino) also liked their performance. Vice liked that no one was left out and their performance was stronger than the fans' screams. Yeng, on the other hand, said she loved the group's energy.

Henz Villaraiz, Russell Reyes and Tony Labrusca composed the second group. They did One Thing, another One Direction song. Russell's voice was what "carried" the song. Tony looked lip-syncing at some points. Henz, on the other hand, was okay and was actually likeable in this performance.

Vice said the entire performance  was just good because Henz, Russell and Tony seemed to have something that's holding them back. "Hindi itinodo," the judge said.

Aga said he saw the confidence of the group but they could have done better, while Dara said the group has the total package but fell short with their singing.

The third and last group composed of Ford Valencia, Joao Constancia, Mark Oblea and Tristan Ramirez. They did Orange and Lemons' Hanggang Kailan, which was in contrast with the songs of the previous groups.

Aga noticed Ford's improvement. "Pagaling ng pagaling," he commented.

Yeng, meanwhile, said that because it's a slow song she was able to clearly hear the boys' voices. Including those that struggle with their notes. She didn't mention, though, who those were.

But Vice teased. Is the title of their song any indication that someone from their group is going home this week?

There was a different process in determining the strongest and weakest group this week. Those who will perform for survival will be the weakest member from each group.

Weakest from group 1 (Best Song Ever) was Allen Cecilio. Henz Villaraiz, meanwhile, was the weakest from group 2 (One Thing); and group 3 (Hanggang Kailan) had Ford Valencia.

Allen, Henz and Ford will individually sing for survival on Sunday, November 20.

And Henz is included in the weakest group every single week. Will luck be still on his side this time?

Meanwhile, the strongest group slash Boyband of the Week were all the boyband member wannabes that were not included in the weakest group. And they will have a special performance this Sunday!

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