Thursday, November 3, 2016

PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates remember their departed loved ones

The teen and regular housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 were given the chance to remember their departed loved ones during All Souls Day. Two teen housemates (Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber) both lost a grandparent recently while they are inside the PBB house. With the pain of losing them still so fresh, the two got very emotional talking about the loss.

Maymay lost her grandfather during the early part of the season's teen edition. She was allowed to go out of the house to pay her respects to her lolo who played the role of a father to her. The teen housemate couldn't suppress her emotions as she told the other housemates her purpose of being in the show. She said she wanted to have enough money for her lolo's medication. And she wants to have it in a private hospital where her lolo wouldn't have to fall in a very long line. Sadly, though, her grandfather has already passed away.

Edward, on the other hand, wasn't able to see his grandmother who died in Germany. He shared with the other housemates how he regrets not being able to play the piano in front of her. Just like Maymay, Edward also cried because he wouldn't be able to see his grandmother again when he gets out of the PBB house.

Among the seven regular housemates who entered the house last Saturday and are currently staying with the teens inside the famous yellow house, it was Maymay who had a sad story to tell. Her parents have both passed away - her mom due to heart ailment when she was just 9 years old, her dad because of diabetes complications just last February.

It was heart-wrenching as she told the story of how her mom would baby her as she was the youngest and her only daughter. Her last night with her mom was still vivid in her memory. It was full of pampering and full of loving kisses. Little did she know that her mother wouldn't be with them anymore when she wakes up the following day.

A sad episode, indeed. But it was shown after the fashion show by the swimming pool where the regular housemates showed off their hot bodies.

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