Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sheryl Cruz disinvited from 'Felix Manalo' launch due to Grace Poe controversy

Sheryl Cruz was supposed to have a tell-all interview at the grand launch of "Felix Manalo" at the Manila hotel, but it didn't push through as she got disinvited at the event.

The interview was supposed to be about her views on Grace Poe's running for presidency in the 2016 elections.

She was very vocal in saying that Poe, her cousin, is not ready to lead the country because she needed more experience for the position.

Meanwhile, Sheryl got disinvited at the event because the producers didn't want the event to be associated with any controversy. She was initially invited as she plays a cameo role in the biopic.

"She was advised not to attend the event anymore and not to make any interview in the vicinity of the hotel about any other topic including politics," Leigh Legaspi, Viva Films' vice president for theatrical sales and marketing, told reporters.

However,the "Buena Familia" actress still agreed to be interviewed at the Manila Hotel's cafe.

"Gusto ko sana na maglaan pa siya ng ilang taon. Para sa akin, hindi lang naman ako, at hindi naman ako nagmamarunong dito dahil ako ay isang taxpayer din ako, isa akong ina, isa rin akong boss na may mga umaasa rin sa aking mga empleyado, so kailangan naman din isipin ko rin, pag-isipan ko nang mabuti, ng ilang beses, kung sino 'yung aking iboboto," she told reporters.

On rumors that they are not cousins but actually sisters, Sheryl said: "Sinasabi nila na sisters kami, no."

Poe is an adopted daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces (real name: Jesusa Sonora), who is the sister of Sheryl's mom, Rosemarie Sonora.

According to rumors, it's not true that the senator was found in an Iloilo church when she was a baby, but she's actually the daughter of Rosemarie with former President Ferdinand Marcos.

But Sheryl is not willing to undergo a DNA test to prove that they are sisters because she doesn't believe that her mom had an affair with Marcos and because she wants to spare her family from the controversy.

The DNA testing would help determine Poe's parentage her citizenship.

Only natural-born Filipino citizens can run for election, and being found in a church as a baby, the citizenships of Poe's biological parents are unknown.

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