Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Piolo Pascual called "gay" on Instagram, hits back at basher

Piolo Pascual didn't let an Instagram basher go unscathed on Tuesday, February 24, 2015.

It started in a recent post of comedienne Pokwang in the said social media site, showing her with Piolo and IƱigo, the actor's teenage son.

Inigo, Piolo and Pokwang

It was in the comments section of the photo that a certain @joydagz7252009 wrote a comment at, insulting Piolo by calling him gay.

Piolo Pascual 2

"The bakla piola hahajaj," @joydagz7252009 wrote.

About half an hour after, Piolo also commented on the post asking Pokwang if she knew the person behind the Instagram handle.

"@pokie827 Marietta baka kilala m @joydagz7252009," Piolo asked the comedienne whose real name is Marietta.

Piolo Pascual 3

But Piolo did his own research because a few minutes after, he posted that he already knows the basher's info.

"@joydagz7252009 got your info already :)" the actor wrote.

The basher posted more comments, even repeating the insulting word another time.

"Nag comment lang hay naku pilipino nga naman…" the basher posted a minute after Piolo wrote about knowing the info.

Piolo Pascual 4

She followed it up thirteen minutes after with: "Thanks for all the comment hahahaha bahala kayo jan nag comment hahahaha @piolo_pascual "bakla"."

Piolo Pascual

Meanwhile, aside from posting in the comments section of Pokwang post, Piolo also posted on his Instagram a screenshot of the basher's IG page, captioning it with: "@joydagz7252009 I hope your daughter (if she is) grows up to be a respectful person.." He was pertaining to the young girl seen with the basher in the photos.

Then a certain @titarose revealed that the basher works at Sunset Tower Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

"Si ms Joydagz nag ta trabaho sa Sunset Tower Hotel in Santa Monica. Ka bago bago mo Lang sa work mo Ineng," @titarose posted.

She also eventually revealed that the basher has Facebook under the name of Joy Bircelles or Joy Farinas and that she's from Pangasinan.

Responding to a comment by Pokwang, @titarose left a warning to the basher.

"@pokie827 Don't you worry… You know and the whole world knows that ang mga nanlalait ke PJ ang mga hate na hate ko. Malas Lang nitong si Joy Farinas Berciles coz di cya tulad Ng Ibang mga bobang haters ni PJ eh ginamit niya true name Nya. Kaya… I'll see you later Joy ok?" @titarose warned.

Then comes these instructions from Pokwang:

"@titarose puntahan mo sa hotel kung saan sya nag wo work tapos dalhin mo katibayan ng comment nya sa IG na nai screen grab mo at ireport yan sa management ng hotel, cyber bullying yan hindi tama yan!!!!! nakapag check inn na kami that same hotel sa pagkakatanda ko," wrote Pokwang.

As of this posting, the basher has already made her Instagram account private.

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Photos: Instagram (pokie827), Facebook (Piolo Jose Pascual)

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