Friday, February 13, 2015

Cristine Reyes uploads photo of baby Amarah

Cristine Reyes took to Instagram on Friday to post the first photo of her newborn, baby Amarah.

Cristine Reyes

Cristine gave premature birth to the baby girl on February 8, 2015, three days after she turned 26. She was just seven months pregnant at the time.

The actress didn't reveal the birth at first, but started giving a hint on the photo sharing website by posting a picture of baby stuff, a gift given to her by her Dreamscape family.

The post showing a photo of baby Amarah was the first time Cristine addressed giving birth, telling her followers that her baby is "such a wonderful blessing."

Through the photo's caption, she also related her experience with the premature delivery. She "fought for 2 weeks to hold her in" and she was "put on total bed rest and wasn't able to sit, move and stand."

She was in and out of delivery room until the "time has come that Amarah wanted to see the world, in which, none can control."

Cristine Reyes 2

She also wrote that it breaks her heart that she and boyfriend Ali Khatibi have to leave the hospital without baby Amarah, who is "in need of critical care and assistance" at the hospital's NICU.

"I plan to disregard NEGATIVITY in my life," she added, pertaining to the people that say the premature delivery was her fault with the mixed martial arts training she opted to undergo even while pregnant.

But then she said that she "did everything to make sure that [the baby] was healthy" in her womb and that she "read books, seek advice from my in-laws, family, friends and professionals to make sure all was well."

She assured, though, that Amarah is currently "getting stronger everyday and we will be with her throughout the fight."

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