Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shamaine Buencamino is 'Lorna' for Cinema One Originals

Reaching 60 years old is a blessing, but being alone when you’re 60 can be a curse.

Cinema One Originals

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s midlife comedy drama “Lorna” tells about the tale of a 60 year old woman who is in a constant search for the right man and living with regret. She finds not just one, but two potential lovers – an online friend and an old flame.

The men in Lorna’s life will be portrayed by young actors Felix Roco and Alex Medina, 1980s matinee idol Juan Rodrigio, musician Jim Paredes of APO Hikings Society, and internationally acclaimed director Lav Diaz. Angel Aquino and Ma. Isabel Lopez will also be making special appearances in the film.

“Lorna” is the newest full-length feature of director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo who is also the brains behind “Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita.” Before she ventured into filmmaking, Bernardo was an actress. She was part of the cast in Laz Diaz’s film, “Ebolusyon ng Pamilyang Pilipino.”

The film is one of the ten entries in the 2014 Cinema One Originals Film Festival which will run from November 9-18 at Trinoma, Glorietta, Fairview Terraces, and Greenhills Dolby Atmos Theater.

Catch “Lorna” in the following theatres:

November 12: 7:30PM Glorietta (Gala 1) | 9:40PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos (Gala 2)

November 13: 2:20PM Glorietta | 7:30PM Fairview Terraces

November 14: 3:00PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos | 5:00PM Glorietta

November 15: 10:30PM Trinoma (Q&A)

November 16: 12:30PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos | 9:45PM Fairview Terraces

November 17: 2:50PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos

November 18: 5:30PM Trinoma

Check out www.sureseats.com (for Ayala cinemas) or call tel. 722-4496/722-4532/7224501 (for Greenhills Dolby Atmos).

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