Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jason Gainza, Katya Santos kidnap a child in Cinema One Originals 'The Babysitters'

Rod (Jason Gainza) and Lucy (Katya Santos) are a couple who resort to illicit means just to raise Ben (Jhiz Deocareza of the film “Nino”), a child prodigy. The adventure begins when the couple decided to run away with the child and raise Ben as their own rather than have the latter be killed after his parents reported the incident to the cops.

Cinema One Originals

After Rod and Lucy discover Ben’s exceptional talents, they try to utilize the child’s abilities to make money in an attempt to live honestly while running away from the kidnapping syndicate that’s tracking them down.

“The Babysitters” is Paolo O’Hara’s first full-length feature. O’Hara, an actor-turned-director, has acted for TV and film and is also an acting teacher and voice talent. Prior to “The Babysitters,” O’Hara created two short films, one of which is “The Househusband’s Wife” which won Best Screenplay and Best Short Film in major independent film festivals.

“The Babysitters” is part of the ten films at the 2014 Cinema One Originals Film Festival which will run from November 9-18 at Trinoma, Glorietta, Fairview Teraces, and Greenhills Dolby Atmos Theater.

Catch “The Babysitters” in the following theatres:

November 13: 7:00PM Glorietta (Gala 1) | 9:50PM Fairview Terraces (Gala 2)

November 14: 12:30PM Fairview Terraces | 2:45PM Glorietta | 5:30PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos

November 15: 2:30PM Trinoma (Q&A)

November 17: 12:00PM Glorietta

November 18: 5:30PM Glorietta

Check out www.sureseats.com (for Ayala cinemas) or call tel. 722-4496/722-4532/7224501  (for Greenhills Dolby Atmos).

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