Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jerika Ejercito slams Kris Aquino

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada's daughter, Jerika Ejercito, criticized Kris Aquino over the TV host's inability to handle the truth.

Jerika Ejercito slams Kris Aquino

On Facebook, Jerika shared a web article titled "Kris Aquino defends her brother, doesn't seem to understand duties of the President" and captioned it with a few lines bashing Kris.

"Don't dish it out if you can't handle it. Sheesh...every night she bullies her guests on a&a and every morning does it all over again on her show cleverly named kristv her poor guests publicly humiliated...she feels entitled to be BRUTALLY HONEST day in, day out...but obviously cannot handle the truth herself," Jerika wrote.

The controversy is over the issue of President Noynoy Aquino's non-appearance at the arrival of the slain PNP-SAF members last week. He, instead, attended the inauguration of a Mitsubishi Motors Corporation plant in Laguna.

A lot of Filipinos felt bad about what seems to be the president's priorities. Some celebrities even posted a screengrab of a web news article about how US President Barack Obama canceled all his appointments to meet the bodies of fallen American troops.

Meanwhile, Kris allegedly unfollowed on social media some of the celebrities who expressed bad feelings toward her brother.

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Photo: screengrab from Facebook (Maria Jerika Ejercito)

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