Saturday, August 20, 2016

Raymund Isaac forgives Rico Robles for wrong 'death' post

Photographer Raymund Isaac readily forgave DJ Rico Robles for the wrong "news" that the radio personality recently posted on social media.

"Breaking news: great photographer #RIPRaymondIsaac," says the caption of the photo that shows a headshot of Isaac.

The post was immediately deleted, but not before it has been screenshot by someone.

The said screenshot was used by Isaac himself to post on his Facebook account with the caption, "I'm alive… Look what someone posted.

Raymund Isaac

It was in the comments section of the said Facebook post where Rico wrote his apologies to the photog.

"Sorry about that Raymond," the Monster Radio DJ wrote. "I'd like to apologize to you, and send my condolences to you and your family.. Was in transit the time I posted it, was able to delete immediately.. I'd like to apologize to you online and also in person when I see you."

Rico Robles

That apology was replied to by Isaac good-naturedly.

"I really had a good laugh. No worries here. U take care na lang," he wrote.

It seemed, however, that another radio DJ, Mo Twister, wouldn't take it good-naturedly. On Instagram, he wrote, "Many times in the rush to try to be #chismoso, you get desperate for any kind of balita and you don't even fact check it because you're either excited, "high", you're not credible, or you're a complete idiot. Example A right here. @ricochismoso, a D list narcissist trying to break news and having it blow up in his face. He didn't bother to confirm a death, meanwhile likely insulting a grieving party, all in the name of hashtagging his own st***d name with #chismoso. Mga mass com students, I expect your professors to bring this up sa lesson plan this week."

Mo Twister also used the hashtag #ricobuyingfromhisradiopartner which, he wrote, could be the reason why Robles was distracted and wasn't able to check facts.

A few days ago, Monster Radio DJ Karen Bordador and her boyfriend were caught in a buy-bust operation in a condo unit in Pasig City where the police recovered illegal drugs. Robles and Bordador used to host RX 93.1's "The Last Show" together.

"Maybe Rico was distracted cuz he was #ricobuyingfromhisradiopartner and was too #ricobusytorealize he was a dumbass. By the way, where's your #ricochismiso post about Karen? that was news and you had the inside scoop bro!"

Mo Twister

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Images: screengrab from Facebook / Raymund Isaac; Instagram / djmotwister

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