Sunday, August 7, 2016

PBB Lucky Season 7 Teen Housemates enter Big Brother House

Twelve teen housemates for the seventh season of Pinoy Big Brother have entered the PBB House. Before they set foot inside the famous yellow house, though, we have come to know them as they have been introduced over ABS-CBN programs since August 3.

Here they are:

1. Edward Barber - Cheerful Charmer of Germany

PBB 7 - Edward Barber

Half Filipino and half British, Edward was born and raised in Germany. He was described as an intelligent and studious young man.

2. Cornillo "Yong" Mujahil - Pag-A-Son ng Angkan ng Zamboanga

PBB 7 - Cornillo Mujahil

The 14th of his parents' 17 children, Yong grew up in poverty in Zamboanga. Life even got harder when his father, who's a vendor, died of asthma. His mom also suffered mild stroke due to stress brought about by their living conditions.

3. Vivoree Esclito - Go Getter Girl ng Bohol

PBB 7 - Vivoree Esclito

It was her birthday when she was introduced in "Tonight With Boy Abunda" on Aug. 3. The 16-year-old wished for good health, success and joy.

4. Fenech Veloso - Ballroom Baby ng Bohol

PBB 7 - Fenech Veloso

Also from Bohol, Fenech loves ballroom dance. She's also a lola's girl and studies in a military school. She doesn't want to be in the military, though, she just wants the military discipline the school instills in its students.

5. Rita Gaviola - Badjao Girl ng Lucena

PBB 7 - Rita Gaviola

Rita became viral when a photo of her taken in Lucena was uploaded on social media. It was then that she became known as Badjao Girl.

Dreaming of becoming a star, Rita was originally from Zamboanga but due to poverty, her family ended up in the streets of Lucena. Going viral on the internet changed her life and opened doors for her like this new opportunity of becoming a PBB teen housemate.

6. Kristine Hammond - Sporty Spice ng Laguna

PBB 7 - Kristine Hammond

This volleyball player also became an online viral sensation because of her picture selling "Yakult" which she just did for fun. She's always being tagged as "one of the boys" because of being sporty. Aside from volleyball, she also loves football and swimming.

7. Kirsten "Kisses" Delavin - Miracle Daughter ng Masbate

PBB 7 - Kirsten Delavin

Kirsten is the reigning Miss Kaogma, a Bicol-wide pageant, and the first-ever Miss Masbate as well. When asked to say something about herself over "Tonight With Boy Abunda," she said she's a beauty queen, she values learning, and she's an only child.

8. Christian Morones - Courtside Kusinero ng Zamboanga

PBB 7 - Christian Morones

Christian loves to cook and play basketball, thus, the title. When asked for his specialty, he proudly named carbonara as something he cooks best.

9. Marco Gallo - Pilyo Bello ng Italy

PBB 7 - Marco Gallo

The Filipino-Italian 15-year-old grew up in Italy but he can speak many languages including Filipino. His mom was an OFW in Italy where she met and married his father, an Italian taxi driver.

10. Marydale "Maymay" Entrata - Ms. Wacky Go Lucky ng Cagayan De Oro

PBB 7 - Marydale Entrata

Maymay was chosen by the celebrity housemates themselves and brought her the news through a video chat. She was the first one who entered the house last Friday following the eviction of the celebrities housemates that did not make the cut.

Behind her wacky facade, the 19-year-old student also has some sob stories to tell. Her father left her and her mom when she was just a year old and still has no communication with him. She found out that her dad already has a new family through social media.

Her mom is an OFW in Japan and she joined PBB because she wants her to come home so they could be together.

11. Gerard "Aizan" Perez - Old Skulit Boy ng Batangas

PBB 7 - Gerard Perez

At the young age of 14, Aizan has had several vices already including drinking. He cited peer pressure as the reason for drinking, but admitted he had been allowed to drink with his dad and his cousins.

With his thick BatangueƱo accent, he revealed in "Tonight With Boy Abunda" that he used to be a bully. He stopped being one, though, when his siblings made him realize that it's wrong and that some bullying victims take their own lives.

Aizan believes in hard work more than luck, but considers this PBB opportunity as his "swerte." It was his mom who got him to audition, which he agreed to because of the opportunities PBB could give him like becoming an "artista."

He told TWBA host Boy Abunda that he thinks he could act, but it was his singing voice that would surely win the girls' hearts.

12. Heaven Peralejo - Mommy's Angel ng Makati

PBB 7 - Heaven Peralejo

Well, yes, you guessed it right. Heaven, who loves bossa nova, is from the Peralejo showbiz clan being the niece of Rica Peralejo. She's the source of strength of her mom who has cancer.

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