Monday, February 15, 2016

Michael Pangilinan's alleged video scandal leaks online

An video scandal of someone who looks like Michael Pangilinan was leaked on the internet on Valentine's Day 2016.

alleged Michael Pangilinan scandal - capture from YouTube video2

The scandalous video shows a young man inside a room, lying down on a bed naked. His face has a strong resemblance to that of Michael's.

Just like in the alleged Jeric Gonzales video scandal, this one also shows who is tagged to be Michael pleasuring himself while he's on the bed and he holds the camera.

He seem to be engaged in a video call as he looks like he is communicating to someone, for instance, giving a hand gesture at one point pointing to his ear like he can't hear anything or he could be telling the person at the other end to not make a sound.

The video being spread on the internet right now is almost 11 minutes long.

Could it really be Michael?

This celebrity scandal follows that of the video allegedly showing TV5 actor Mark Neumann during a private time.

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