Monday, September 21, 2015

'PBB 737' - Nominees determined through dance challenge

The "Pinoy Big Brother 737" housemates didn't undergo a normal nomination process for the next set of nominees, instead, they were given an endurance challenge that will also test their determination to stay inside the house.

Called "Dance Till You Drop," the LigTask challenge required the housemates to dance non-stop, copying the dance moves shown to them through the TV screen.

The dance moves were actually their individual signature moves that they gave Big Brother before the challenge started.

The last 4 standing will be declared safe.

Zeus Collins was the first one to quit, saying he got dizzy with Miho Nishida's moves.

Temptation were also given during the challenge including food and massage but no one took the bait.

Dawn Chang was the second one to give up, followed by Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida who fell and couldn't stand up by herself anymore. She was even visibly shaking while drinking water.

The last to quit was Margo Midwinter who had an asthma attack.

That made Jameson Blake, Richard Juan, Mikee Agustin and Roger Lucero safe from being nominated.

Individually, the four safe housemates were made to choose who they wanted to save. Richard chose to save Margo, Roger chose Tommy, Jameson chose Dawn, and Mikee chose Dawn.

That saved Dawn from being nominated.

Miho, Tommy, Margo and Zeus are the nominated housemates this week.

To vote to save, just text BB<space>Name of Housemate to 2366. Only 1 vote per SIM is allowed.

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