Wednesday, July 15, 2015

'PBB 737' - Kenzo, Jimboy and Kyle commit violation (VIDEO)

Kenzo Gutierrez, Jimboy Martin and Kyle Secades committed violations inside the "Pinoy Big Brother 737" house.

PBB 737 - Kenzo, Jimboy and Kyle's violation

Although done separately, the three guys had the same violations, that is, asking about the outside world.

It happened during the visit of the parents of Ryan Bacalla, Zonia Mejia and Kenzo.

Kenzo asked his dad if he has already talked to his sisters abroad; Kyle asked Zonia's mom if they were able to watch the part when Kenzo got afraid of the "maligno;" and Jimboy asked Zonia's mom (again) if his "kalakal" challenge was aired on television.

The consequence? They have to balance three half-full drinking glasses on their hands and head just like in the folk dance Pandango sa Ilaw.

Well, at least it's not automatic nomination.


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