Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cubilla Family Wins Eat Bulaga!'s Pinoy Henyo

Eat Bulaga!'s Pinoy Henyo declared the Cubilla Family as the winner with a total time of 2:46.53 (2 minutes and 46.53 seconds). Vian and Jing Cubilla were the only ones who answered three out of 10 words.


The Cubilla Family of Tacloban, Leyte won P300,000 in cash and P100,000 worth of home entertainment showcase.

The 7 pairs and their corresponding records:
Rosimo Family – 1 word in 2:41.32
Novora Family - 2 words in 2:03.93 and 2.23.21
Cubilla Family – 3 words in 0:18.42, 1:01.21 and 2:46.53
Bagayawa Family – 2 words in 0:21.75 and 2:17.42
Marcos Family – 1 word in 0:21.98
Lapie Family – 0 word
Rafael Family – 2 words in 1:40.39 and 3:00.00

To continue the fun, Eat Bulaga! will have the "High Alumni Edition" of Pinoy Henyo starting Monday. Contestants will be composed of high school graduates so we can expect more exciting contestants as the pairing will be not just from among the family members.

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