Sunday, January 22, 2017

PBB Lucky Season 7 - Dream Team's 1st set of nominees revealed #PBBDream1stNomi

Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 has named its first set of nominees since the Dream Team was formed. The nominees were determined after the housemates gave points against their fellow housemates, which was followed by the Ligtask challenge for those who got the highest number of points.

Celebrity housemate Jinri Park got the highest points with 10. She was followed by regular housemates Tanner Mata and Aura Azarcon who both got 8 points each. Another regular Jerome Alacre got 4 points.

Ligtask this time was composed of face-offs. Jerome won his face-off with Aura. Tanner, meanwhile, won against Jinri.

Winners of the two face-offs then competed. They had to create a pyramid of blocks on tables that they had to keep steady and balanced with a rope. It was a real challenge especially when they had to walk back to get a piece of block, and forward again to put the block on the table, all the time adjusting their hold of the rope to keep the table (and their block pyramids) steady.

It was Tanner who won in the end, making him safe from this week's nomination.

Aura Azarcon, Jinri Park and Jerome Alacre - PBB Dream Team 1st set of Nominees

Aura, Jinri and Jerome were named as this week's official nominees for eviction.

Voting lines are now open and you can vote for your bet by texting BB<space><name of housemate> and send it to 2366.

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