Monday, January 2, 2017

PBB Lucky Season 7 - Baninay and Wil get the lowest votes #PBBbagongsimula

Baninay Bautista and Wil Dasovich got the lowest percentage of text votes from among the remaining adult housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 which were all put in the list of nominees for eviction following Tanner Mata's winning the 1st Lucky House.

Wil and Baninay

Baninay and Wil said goodbye to the other housemates on Monday night, January 2, 2017, who thought they would already be leaving the PBB house. Little did everyone know that the two would only be taken to a secret room in the house.

Baninay got the lowest percentage with only 6.36%. Wil followed with 7.95%.

Cora Waddell, Aura Azarcon and Jerome Alecre were named safe. One of them got the highest 45.84%, followed by 21.37% and 18.46%.

The three will still have the chance to get the 2nd Lucky House, depending on who the viewers will vote for. The voting lines were re-opened towards the end of the Monday night episode.

The one that will get the highest percentage of text votes when the voting lines are put to close on Tuesday night will get the 2nd Lucky House. The two that will not make it will join Wil and Baninay in a secret area in the house where their determination to get the 3rd Lucky House will be tested.

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